Major Project - Offshore Wind - Focus North

Support to the offshore wind industry. Primarily Beatrice and potential Moray ventures.

Major Project - Offshore Wind

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) construction became fully operation in June 2019.  Beatrice is operated and maintained from it’s base at Wick Harbour.



Work under this major project focusses on the potential to expand the local engineering supply chain in support of this market and potential inward investment from industry supporting companies.

Wick Harbour activities are covered under Infrastructure.

The strategic geographical location of the area to the market.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Supply chain companies will of course decide on their target markets.

CNSRP activity ensures they get all the help they need to identify opportunities.

Wick Harbour deal with the infrastructure and commercial arrangements required by offshore wind companies.

Wick Harbour