Partnership Approach - Focus North

Partners have agreed a structured way to prioritise and collaborate to achieve the best outcomes for the region.

Background to the partnership

Focus North, the evolution of the Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership, is an informal public-private partnership working to develop economic opportunities in the North of mainland Scotland. Partners Caithness Chamber of Commerce, The Dounreay Site, Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Skills Development Scotland, the University of Highlands and Islands and the Scottish Government and  are working together to support the fair transition to a net carbon zero economy in this remote and rural area. Partners have committed to developing a fairer, resilient, more balanced economy, working to grow the working population and higher average household incomes. The partnership seeks to attract jobs in key new sectors, as well as sustaining employment in existing sectors. This will increase the number of private sector businesses operating and increase Investment into the area.

Focus North’s geographical area includes Caithness and North Sutherland but is generally not defined by an exact line on a map. It is deliberately flexible to accommodate the differing needs of multiple emerging inward investment opportunities that would benefit the north of mainland Scotland.

How we work together

After an extensive review process with widespread consultation amongst stakeholders, elected, representatives, and the local community the partners have committed to working together within a defined partnership framework. Details of how it works can be found below:

Focus North Organisational Structure

Focus North’s activities are conducted in close consultation with the Sutherland and Caithness Community Planning Partnerships so that opportunities are not omitted, but just as important, efforts are not duplicated.

Working with local businesses and stakeholders, the partners have prioritised their resources and efforts accordingly.  With work focussed on improving the relevant infrastructure, transport, skills and general environment that will directly support these projects.  This is all brought together in action plans.