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Sutherland Spaceport 

Located in the Mhoine peninsula, Sutherland Spaceport is a ground breaking vertical satellite launch site set to open in 2024.

A comprehensive report conducted on behalf of the Focus North Partnership has revealed that the Space Cluster development has the capability to create up to 740 jobs in the Highlands and Island region, while boosting the local economy by an estimated £56million by the end of the decade.  The joint venture between HIE and Orbex is the first vertical launch site in the UK to receive planning permission and has the potential to become Europe’s first continental orbital spaceport.

This exciting new development promises to bring a wealth of economic benefits to the region and position it as a key player in the rapidly growing global space industry.  Supporting Space Cluster activity around the Sutherland Spaceport is a priority for Focus North.

Check the results of the Space Cluster Strategy study below:

Space cluster strategy


Orbex Prime at #SutherlandSpaceport in the North of mainland Scotland will pave the way for a greener future in space exploration.  The Carbon-neutral spaceport has the potential to attract international collaborations and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Igniting passions for STEM fields and educational programs that have far reaching opportunities for learning and engagement. With state of the art facilities planned and a skilled workforce, Sutherland Spaceport will ensure the north of mainland Scotland is at the forefront of space cluster activities.

Please see Brochure: North Coast Space Cluster

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