Identification, Selection & Prioritisation - Focus North

Identification and Selection

New Opportunities are identified through Market Intelligence Information, CNSRP partners, existing Major Project owners, existing local businesses, growth and Inward Investment activity and existing local companies.

The CNSRP Delivery Team have qualitative selection criteria such as:

  • Likelihood the opportunity will materialise
  • Numbers of jobs
  • Long term sustainability
  • Cost of investment required
  • Displacement (in competition with) of existing local business”

If it looks like the opportunity might work, further research is conducted.


The Opportunity is prioritised in relation to the jobs that might be generated and the timescales, cost and people available to take it further


Major projects do not remain on the Programme indefinitely, due to completion/lack of jobs/ lack of sustainability/excessive implementation costs/already a local business successfully involved in the same area.

All of this is documented in a CNSRP Process