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Weekly update, 27th February 2017

03rd Mar, 2017

Energy & business services: • As the construction of the Operations and Maintenance base for the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm project gets closer to starting, the long-term staffing of the project is already being considered. Tier 1 contractor Siemens is inviting applications for apprenticeship programmes: the Siemens offer is for Advanced Apprenticeships in Mechatronic Maintenance (site […]

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Weekly update, 7th November

11th Nov, 2016

Energy & business services: • The vessel Olympic Ares arrived in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth this week to install the first of the turbines for the MeyGen tidal energy project. As previously highlighted here the turbine support structures and ballast blocks were successfully installed during October, bringing welcome work to the area […]

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Weekly update, 10th October

14th Oct, 2016

Energy & Business Services: • The Beatrice Offshore Windfarm project is one of the largest private sector investments in Scotland, and to illustrate the sheer scale of the work the consortium has produced a short animation, which is available to view at Also this week, lead partner SSE has broken ground on the site […]

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Weekly update, 26th September

30th Sep, 2016

Energy & Business Services: • Activity at Scrabster harbour has continued this week, as more ballast blocks are transported through Thurso from JGC Engineering Services Ltd’s base at Janetstown. These huge (c. 200 tonne) steel blocks will form part of the foundations for the turbines (see for an illustration of how they will look). […]

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Weekly update, 15th February

19th Feb, 2016

Energy & Business Services: It was good to speak last week with Magnus Davidson of Thurso’s Environmental Research Institute (ERI) about the transnational EU-funded project called REGINA. The project aims to reduce the vulnerability of small communities in remoter areas of the Nordic Arctic and Scotland which face the development – or closing down of […]

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Weekly update, 1st February

05th Feb, 2016

Energy & Business Services: Good to meet this week with June Love and the contractor  who is helping CNSRP partner Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) with some work on cost comparison in the oil & gas sector. The work, which is supported by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, is also linked to work being taken forward […]

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Weekly update, 11th January 2016

22nd Jan, 2016

Energy & Business Services: Dounreay Trì Limited is proposing to demonstrate a floating offshore wind farm approximately 6 km NW of Dounreay. The proposal consists of two turbines, located on a single semi-submersible floating platform, with an installed capacity of between 8 to 16 megawatts (MW). It is proposed that a single export cable will […]

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Weekly update, 26th January 2015

30th Jan, 2015

Energy & Business services: The offshore renewables industry has been in Aberdeen this week for Scottish Renewables’ Offshore Wind & Supply Chain Conference/ Exhibition. The sector remains of real interest in the north due to the continuing developments with the two Moray Firth offshore windfarm consortiums – Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) and Moray Offshore […]

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Weekly Update, 19th January 2015

23rd Jan, 2015

Energy & Business services: MeyGen’s tidal project at the Inner Sound kicks off in earnest this month, with work starting on the groundwork for onshore access road and buildings at Ness of Quoys, just east of Gills Harbour And MeyGen subcontractor Fisher Marine has been working out of Gills Harbour this week, conducting survey […]

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Weekly update, 22nd September

26th Sep, 2014

Energy & Business services: Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd (MORL) has announced the installation of a met mast at its large offshore wind site in the Moray Firth, marking another step in its project to develop the site which lies around 22km off the Caithness coast. As previously reported here, MORL has signed a Memorandum of […]

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